The Centre is situated in the woods by Lake Sławskie, 1,5 km from the centre of Sława.

The Sława is situated on borderland of two historical regions: Śląsk and Wielkopolska. This a little place has a summer-resort character which is situated on the east edge of Zielonogórskie province.
The Sława is one of the biggest communes  on the province area. Sława has a lot of charm and picturesque location on the shores Sławskie Lake.
At the Lake is locate arround 40 Resorts where arrival tourists can sleep and to eat. Another resource of this region are forests surround Sława from all directions.
Diversity forms of this landscape accompanies diverse flora.
The charm of the Landscape Sława Land is becoming a nook which is more attractive for tourists and vacantioners from whole Poland and another countries.
In the Summer is waiting for tourists a lot of attractions just like: Wonderful trip by Lubuszanin II ship, water slide and location trip by cart.
We would like to invite you to Sława also in a winter time. We organize sleigh rides,championships of Lubuskie Land with iceboats and also championships with running skating.